Project: Partnership Strategy

Client: Includes: Four Seasons, Rosewood, Radisson, Kempinski

Overview: Raddleman have helped many leading global hospitality groups to define their Group Partnership strategy

This process is typically as follows:

Define Your Goals: Before you start looking for potential partners, it's essential to define what you want to achieve from the partnership. Consider the key objectives of your brand and how a partnership can help you achieve those objectives.

Identify Potential Partners: We'll help identify brands that align with your brand and share your values, target audience, and objectives.

Research Potential Partners: We will build a list of potential partners and research them thoroughly. Looking at their social media channels, website, and press releases to get a better understanding of their values, products, and recent initiatives. Determine if they have experience in partnering with other brands and what their partnership goals are.

Develop a Plan: Once we've identified potential partners, develop a plan that outlines the goals of the partnership, how it will be executed, and what each brand will bring to the table. Determine what resources will be required, how the partnership will be measured, and how the partnership will be promoted.

Create a Proposal: Next we help you to develop a proposal that outlines the details of the partnership, including the benefits to both brands, how the partnership will be executed, and what each brand will contribute. We'll make sure the proposal is professional, well-written, and visually appealing.

Reach Out: Once we have the proposal, we'll reach out to your potential partner with a personalized message. We'll make sure to highlight the potential benefits of the partnership and how it aligns with both brands' objectives.

Execute the Partnership: Once the partnership has been agreed upon, we'll make sure to execute it effectively. Stay in regular communication with your partner, measure the success of the partnership, and adjust the plan if necessary.


With the strategy in place we can then create Playbooks for use at a property or Area level - by marketing staff and GMs.